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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wayne County Executive Unfit For Duty

Ficano proposes 500 job cuts

Wayne Co. executive, facing $105M deficit, introduces plan for 20% spending reduction

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano is proposing to lay off 500 employees, dramatically shrink Sheriff's services and consolidate services to balance the budget -- and warning that more layoffs could be coming if his plan isn't approved.

Facing a deficit of about $105 million, Ficano introduced the $2 billion plan Wednesday, calling for a 20 percent reduction in spending and seeking concessions in wages and benefits that include 12 unpaid days a year for employees. If not, another 440 of the county's 4,900 employees could lose their jobs, Ficano warned.

"This is something that has been very challenging, but we feel that we wanted to make the tough decisions," Ficano said. "We're asking that everybody get to their core functions of what they do."

Ficano also wants his appointees to take a 10 percent wage cut and eliminate $700 monthly car stipends and the Sheriff's Office to abandon all services beyond operating the jail and patrolling parks.



A 10% pay cut! Could you imagine your boss asking you that?

I have a slightly more effective suggestion.

Since poor management starts at the top and positions, like janitors for example, would be the least responsibility for the county's woes;

1) Examine the salaries from the lowliest paid Wayne County employee to the Executive position Ficano holds and divide that (incredibly vast) spectrum into 100 levels.

2) Start pay cuts at Ficano's level at 100% working your way down to 1% pay cuts for the least responsible positions.

I call it "My 2 step plan" to quickly and effectively eradicate the county's least capable employees.

What Robert Ficano doesn't seem to want to mention is that Wayne County is the probably the richest county by tax base in Michigan while being in arguably the worst condition of all the counties in Michigan.

Wayne county regardless of the economy should be in the best condition of all the counties in Michigan but take a look around...what a dung heap this place has become.

If Wayne County was YOUR business and Robert Ficano was the manager you hired to run it, what would you be doing about now?

Welcome To Detroit

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